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It is vitally important that parents exercise caution when entering their children into the modeling industry. 

As everyone is aware, the internet can be a valuable source of information.  Unfortunately, it can also be used as a means for criminals to attempt to extort money  from legitimate companies.  There are several websites targeting AdKids that are run by known criminals.

When searching for AdKids on Yahoo or Google, you may see some disturbing looking postings which are absolutely false.  Those sites and their "complaints" are total fabrications. For more information on how these criminals work, see the web site www.ezripofflawsuit.com or www.bad-business-rip-off.com

AdKids strongly urges parents to always check with reliable and legitimate sources when researching this industry, such as the Attorney General's Office or the Federal Trade Commission. 

These organizations will provide you with reliable and accurate information.  At AdKids, we are always happy to answer questions parents have about our firm or the modeling industry in general. We at AdKids pride ourselves on running a firm which maintains the highest degree of ethics.